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Manifesting Your Miracle Mindset

04/12/2024 – 04/13/2024 @ 11:00 AM Online

Shifting your perspective to attract the impossible.

How support and connection can manifest those shifts.

Nurturing your body and soul for miracles!

How can miracles happen when one faces adversity.

You can turn your dreams into a reality..

Healing: Herbal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing

04/26/2024 @ 11:00 AM Online

Herbal Healing:

  • Nature’s Medicine Cabinet – Harnessing the Power of Plants
  • Alchemy of Herbs: Transforming Health and Wellness
  • Botanical Remedies for Common Ailments
  • The Art of Herbal Blending – Creating Customized Healing Formulas

Spiritual Healing:

  • Soulful Solace: Finding Comfort and Guidance in Spiritual Practice
  • Connecting with the Divine – Healing through Meditation and Quietness
  • The Power of Forgiveness – Letting Go for Spiritual Healing
  • Awakening Inner Wisdom – Trusting Your Intuition for Spiritual Growth

Energy Healing:

  • The Subtle Body – Understanding the Flow of Energy
  • Chakras and Auras – Exploring Energy Healing Modalities
  • Hand-On-Healing – Harnessing the Power of Touch
  • Clearing Energy Blockages – Restoring Balance and Harmony
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