Our 1 day lightworker
from pain to success

By the end of the event you will be clearer as to how the universe is guiding you into your purpose

finding and using your lightworker gifts

  • We all have been called to serve and sometimes we are seeking why we don't connect to our spiritual gifts. 
  •  Know what kind of events that happen to you is a redirect for the good of your purpose.
  • Understanding your surroundings.
  • How your horoscope connects to others.

The event Covers

how you are being called

  • Spirit Realm/Universe speaks to us all. We just need to understand how and connect to their directions.
  •  How to find your Message and Purpose.
  • In this event we will cover those ways.

relationship stages

  • Understand each relationship and what it means to your spiritual journey to restore your personal connection and purpose.
  •  Finding that balance between it all.
  •  This is your Calling.

Join Our 1 Day pain to success Challenge

Why now is so crucial to finding and serving with your spiritual gifts

In this Live Event Challenge with Ronette, Yellow Moon and Starlight we will be sharing with you why it's CRUCIAL to get in position for your soul purpose for todays frequency.

With the shifting energy in the world our unique call is to help those that are innocent to help shift their energy.

Many are using darker energies to keep as many stuck and our call to lightworker is to position the energy to balance.

Many lightworkers are struggling financially and we need to help share how to reshift that energy so you can shine the light for your unique purpose.

If you are new to this, and been trying to find the help you need to understand the weird things happening. This is it.

Karmic soulmates, Soulmates, High Level Soulmates and TwinFlames what is the truth on this kinds of relationships.

reveiws from attendees

Each woman's story was impressive, providing me an understanding of why they do what they do. I personally would not have believed anything had I not personally been impacted by two of the presenters. Different methods of healing, that worked and I am proof that natural healing and energy healing is real.

Gina Davis

My overview of the Mega Manifestation Challenge’ Masterclass is this:   I immediately thought of the befitting phrase:  “Good things come in threes” - as was the case over the three-day sessions where the three sister presenters each devoured an hour without pausing when dropping their nuggets of wisdom which were based in their personal life experiences and management thereof; having traces common to the human family.  The sessions were edifying, interactive, encouraging and infused with enthusiasm.  I give thanks! 


Nana Peggy

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